This Is The Worst.

After Ara's echoing screams died away, I began to shake. I shook, stiffening up, like I was having a fit. I began to scream. So loudly. I could hear a tortured scream inside my head. The screams of three people. One belonged to a man, the other were those of women.  No no no! Don't do this to me! I mentally screamed.

Another voice, loud and clear rose, panicing over the screams. "Skyrah! I'm sorry! I can't stop it! It's not me controling this!" Suddenly, the creaming stopped, and deep breathing and whimpering replaced it. I felt a flow of power through my veins. I shuddered. No. This couldn't be. Not now. They couldn't leave me. More screams entered my head, overpowering me. In my mind's eye, I watched, as in Elira, home of the Royal Elementals, they cried and screamed, Rusalka leaving, Drakath and Suniria clutching eachother.

 In the blackness, Russalk placed her hand over Flamara's heart, and taking her soul, leaning her body, burning.

Next, she went to our home, my earth home, and took Sealantus' soul away, leaving his body to melt in Lotus's arms.

She came to an unknown house, and took Rorrcka's and Breathen's souls. Breathen became nought more than a gust of wind, and Rorroka crumbled away. Skyrah began to cry. Her aunt's and uncle's. Dead.

Russalka went back, back to Elira. She tried to pull away, but she was bound to her duty. She touched the heart of Drakath, and he faded to nothing, and Suniria screamed. She flew, away from her sister, away from Elira. She stopped, and she began to cry tears. Water tears. She fell, turning black, until Russalka sobbed as she took her sister's soul.

She wandered, into the house, and stood, looking over me.  "Stay away from me! IF YOU DARE..." My words fell on deaf ears as she went to the obsidian room, and touched my sister. She then touched her own heart, at the same time as touching my head. Korma' presence dissapeared from my mind. She quickly pushed her hand to my chest, and reeled away, then fell. Dead.

My eyes flew open. "No...I'm...I'm all alone again...But the wort thing is, I don't know how to do this."

"What' wrong?" asked Ara softly. No. I'm not alone.

I looked at the gleaming tears in Ara's eyes. I slid into his lap, and told him of the things I saw. We howled and cried together.

Sweetheart, don't cry. whispered the voice of Flamara. I jumped.

We're here for you. sobbed Sealantus.

My daughter. I am proud of you. smiled Suniria and Drakath.

You are not my parents. You all left me. Alone. And now, I have to CONTROL all of the Elements, and I don't know how. This is worse than being alone. This is being alone, with all this power. I said coldly.

Baby, if you ever need us, we'll be here. Russalka and Author put us into your heart. Cosmo whispered. I gave a nod.


"What's up?"

"They're in my head and heart. And now, I have to control Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit, Light and Darkness all on my own. This is the worst." she cried, nuzzling my cheek into his warm chest. The radio nudged me. I looked at it.

It started to play 'Keep Holding On'. Glee Version.


The End

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