Um, Guys, Where's....

I stretched my wings, yawning. I looked about. I sniffed the air. Oh damn. I walked out of the living room, following the scent. I covered my nose and mouth The stench was horrifying.

I held my nose, not daring to go near the black door, that was swing off its heavy hinges. I moved slight, for I could see an amout of coulor spreading rapidly. I screamed. I couldn't take my eyes off of the room. Off the floor. "Ravaaan...Katieeeeee....ARA!!!!!" I screeched, followed by a dry sob. A darted round holding his nose. He stared, over my wings. Cosmo lay, a pool of blood round her, her face and bare arms bruised, her dress ripped, her legs sprawled, her hair matted. I slowly aprouched her. She was heaving for breath, barely taking in more air than a fledgling.

Ara shook beside me. He took me, not taking his eyes off of her, pushing me back into the room, and I ran to Raven. My brain began to go fuzzy. "Ra...ven....hell.p....Um, guy's where's....ugh...never mind....he's in my head...." I said sleeping and dreamily.

Raven stood, and tried to stop me staggering as I howled, throwing my horn around, trying to shake him from my head. I fell, sitting, then lay on my belly.

"Raven....Korma's trapped..."

"Yeah, we know, in the obsidian room. It's fine."

"Hehe go have a loooooooooooook..." he turned, looking, then darted down, looking into my eyes.

"Hehe, he's in my head. Trapped i my head. Ohh, pretty..." I simpered, as my vision went kalidascope. Softly, I whispered, "It's fine. It's fine. He's in here, it's fine, it's fine..."

The End

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