Ara flicked an ear absent-mindedly, wondering how he was supposed to explain this place to the green girl. How on earth he'd managed to miss her he had no idea, she was bright green after all! Then again, who was he to talk?

"Well," he said, trying to figure out how to phrase the question. "You know we're in the Hideout right? And we can't get out?"

"Duh." said the pixie.

"Okay... I'm Ara, this is Skyrah, Flamara and the woman over there is Leigh," he said, pointing to each of the company in turn. "We're just sort of sitting here, waiting for our authors to figure out what to do with us."

"And you were yowling at thing air, why?" asked Aoife again, raising an eyebrow sceptically. Ara blushed.

"My Author's taken to popping into my head at inconvenient times, and lately someone else has too, an old friend of ours, know to most as Fish Face. He's Flamara's brother and let's just say ... we had a bit of a rivalry."

Aoife nodded, then Leigh looked up confused:

"What's Sealantus doing in your head?" she asked.

"That's what I was going to ask. He left a while ago, but now it appears he's been hopping into our heads. Although I think Skyrah scared him off just now." Ara replied, feeling more and more awkward by the moment. He wasn't used to explaining things like this. "I'll leave the rest of the explaining to Flamara, I think she knows more about what's going on then I do."

With that, he turned and moved off into the corridoors, not that he wanted to go anywhere. He just wanted to be moving, he was getting stiff. What he wanted more than anything was a space to fly, to feel the free wind on his face and actually have space.

Then again, if Author had her way, he might be getting that sooner rather than later.

The End

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