Look ...

I got up. I had cramp from sitting still on the stairs for so long and I was fed up of just being a spectator, watching everything that was going on but not having a clue what it all meant, not being able to join in. What were they shouting about? Who was 'fishface'?

"Excuse me?" I said, but no one heard. A woman arrived, confused and dazed. Well, maybe she'd sympathise with me. My hopes were dashed when, moments later, she got to her feet and seemed to know exactly where she was. Not only that, but she'd been here before. Well, that just made everything better. Not. She already knew everyone! And I was still alone.

"Excuse me?" I shouted, getting to my feet. "Is everybody just going to ignore me? I've been sitting here for about a week now!"

The freak--I'd gathered by now that his name was Ara, although what kind of a name that was I didn't know--looked up. Finally, I'd been noticed!

"Hey, there's a girl there, sitting on the stairs. She's ... green," he said. Congratulations. You've noticed that you've got a pixie on your stairs. And about time too. He suddenly looked guilty, as though he could hear what I was thinking. "How long has she been there? I didn't see her."

"I didn't notice either," said someone else, but I couldn't see who it was. I took a step down the stairs and came towards them.

"I've been here practically forever," I told them in a bored voice. "I was wondering when someone would notice me but no one's said a word. I don't exactly blend in," I added, looking down at my shining, emerald green arms and the wings on my back, the tail hooked over my arm and the seaweed-like hair reaching almost to my elbows. "My name is Aoife and I would really appreciate it  if someone would tell me where I am and what I'm doing here!"

The End

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