Leigh wakes and wonders

Leigh slowly stretched and yawned. Rolling over she fell off the couch with a thud.

"Damn" she muttered, looking around her.

It took a few moments before she figured out where she was.

"Gawd this dang house again?"

Leigh rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She followed the sound of laughter up the stairs to a room. Peaking in she spied Ara, Flamara and a girl, who looked like a smaller female version of Ara. No Sealantus though. Leigh thought someone had called out for Fishface.

"Hey," they all turned to look at her.

Flamara was trying to stiffle giggles. The girl too wore an odd smile on her face. And Ara, well Ara still had that scowl grin of his that never seemed to leave. Leigh stood uncomfortably in the door. She still wasn't all that used to not being a simple human. Not to mention she felt split.

That's the effects of Rewriting the Past. That soft author voice spoke into her head. It's rough being in two stories at once. especially when the other one is about your past.

"Leigh?" Flamara's smile had faded. "Are you okay."

"No," Leigh stated flatly, "I think this might all be a bit much for me." She shook her head. "Anyone know where Sealntus got to?"

The End

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