What Is It With Halfling Heads???

I got up, still giggling. Flamara was clutching her sides. I hugged Ara softly, his horn clinking against mine. He was still frowning. I chuckled, and wriggled into Ara's mind, finding and listening to the convosation. I rolled my eyes.

"Typical, ain't it?" Ara whispered. I gave a nod, then a moan. A clumsy presence just fell into my mind.

"What is it with Halfling's heads? They're so full of hot air...."

"Excuse me, I'm technically a Halfling now."

"Oh god, you really are a mini female version of my mange-bag brother."

"Wanna try saying that again? Just remember How much I can hurt people."

"You can't get me from here though. I'm back here with Russalka, Taliesin and Kiara. Kiara's nice. Not like the fluffball."

I mentally kicked him in the leg.

"OWCH! How the hell did you do that?!?!?!"

"I'm me. That's how. Now get out of my head. Before I go get miss SpookofNight."


"Ara's Author."

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" He yelled, before withdrwing from my mind. I could see him running in my mind's eyes, arms waving in the air, sprinting away, screaming like a girl.

"I'm gonna kill his Royal Wetness." I growled, and Ara began to laugh.


The End

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