Fishface In My Head!!!

Skyrah looked up at Ara, her face strangely different with the enormous horn. He pulled back, giving his own wings a vigorous flap. He hadn't used them in a long time and they were getting stiff from lack of use. Then again, he hadn't even left the house in a very long time...

~Don't worry, you'll be using them again soon enough~ said Author.

~Not you again! Why can't you just leave me alone?~ Ara snapped, shaking his head irritably.

~That's not very nice of you to talk to your author like that!~ came another voice. Ara froze. Oh no. No, it couldn't be.

~Surprised?~ said the new voice. ~Didn't expect me to be in here did you?~

~Fishface? I've been waiting for you for ages!~ replied Author

~Well I'm here now aren't I!~ replied Sealantus' voice. ~Just thought I'd check up on how the mongrel was doing. Getting into his head wasn't hard... but there's more in here than I'd thought.~

~Indeed. He's not as thick as he sometimes acts. He's just a bit stubborn. But still, I think he'll like the new story. It seems like a good place for a stubborn one.~

~WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HEAD!?!??!~ Ara thought-wailed, making both Author and Sealantus jump.

~Oops, I think we're freaking him out a bit...~ said Author. ~Ah well, just dropped by to say you're running out of time furball! A few days, maybe hours if I get writing soon enough.~

~Good luck Mange-bag!~ said Sealantus, then Ara felt his presence withdraw, closely followed by Author. When he looked around the room, he saw Skyrah looking at him very strangely:

"Ara? What are you glaring at?" she said. "You look a little freaked out."

"Oh, oh I am freaked out." replied Ara, shaking with shock and fury. "And you know why? FISHFACE WAS IN MY HEAD!!!"

Skyrah looked at Flamara. Flamara looked back at her. They both looked at Ara, who was rubbing his temples and snarling angrily. Then they collapsed in hysterics. Ara groaned, why me? he thought. Why, why, why me?

I'm going to kill His Wetness for this....


The End

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