Gonna Need Some Help...

I staggered round, and heard watched Ara snigger at me. I grinned back at him. Everything was so...clear now, but things smelt different. As I staggered around, I blinked, trying to get acustom to the long, twisted mauve horn.

I flapped my wings, seeing how they woul feel. They tingled slightly.  I tried walking in a straight line, but my horn threw me off balance, sending me falling into Ara.

"Bahaha!" he roared.

"I can tell i'm gonna need a little help!"

"I'll help you, don't worry."

"Ara, what did you Author want?" I asked softly, as he put me back on my feet.

"Don't tell Flamara or the others. They'll just freak out. My Author's found me a new story. I'm not going quite yet though. I have time to teach you. And...and Cosmo will be able to teach you how to merge forms." He said.

"Maybe, if I can stand to be close enough to her. She smells. And she's got a weird aura."

"Yep. Now you see?"


"Right. Hold on."

"Huh?" I queiried, as he took a tight grip on my arms. "Flap!" He grinned, and I began to flap my wings vigourously.

"No, no, not so...much." He began to laugh, as my horn skewered the ceiling. I wriggled slightly.

"Little help here?!" I yelled, as Flamara came in, and began to laugh. Ara came up, and pushed my horn out gently. I fell down, onto my bottom. "Owww..." I growled. Flamara helped me up, and hugged me. She smelt nice. Like cinnimon.

"I'll definately have to teach you to fly." Ara chuckled, before wrapping his arms round both me and Flamara. I giggled. He smelt nice too. Like toasted marshmallows. And spice. I imagined what it would be like to leave Ara and Flamara now. I probably couldn't do it. 

He had told me that he was leaving. But at least he wan't leaving yet. We would have time together. I would learn. But, there was a niggling little feeling at the back of my mind. I longed to be wild, within forests and mountains. But with my family.

Maybe his Author would give him a family. I hope she did.

The End

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