I walked back downstairs, and into the livingroom.

"Well, Ara? Are you going to just keep turning your back on me and my sister?" I asked, leaning on the door. Everyone turned to look at me.

"You were willing to bet that Drakath would be back to collect his 'filthy little halfbreed? Well, he may be back to collect both of them, maybe?" I said cooly. Ara turned to me.

"I just had an idea! If you wanna see what's so strange about us, why don't you use you powers? See it from his point of veiw. A halfbreed's point of veiw."

"Ahhhh..." I smiled. I placed my hands on Ara's shoulders. I began to shake. I clenched my eyes closed. Ara started to shout to me, trying to get me to stop shaking.  I opened my eyes. Flamara's mouth dropped open. Ara just stared.

I turned to Cosmo. She opened her arms, and I went back to hug her, but I found that I couldn't bring myself to do it. I wrinkled my nose. She smelt realy strange. Just looking at her felt wrong. I clutched hold of Ara, looking at Cosmo. I closed my eyes once more, and felt pain in my back and head. I clutched my head.

Someone wrapped their arms round me tightly, picking me up, off my feet, and setting me down again. I opened my eyes. arms were wrapped round me. I looked up. Ara looked down at me.

"You silly girl. You silly girl." He whispered. "You thought that you disgusted me? Why would you ever? And it does help when you remember your own birthday, doesn't it?"


"Flamara told me. Here." He handed me a small necklace. A little blue 'S' on a piece of leather. He tied it round my neck, and grinned. "I'll be back in a min. Stupid Author" he growled, and sat me down, and walked out.

The End

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