Ara stared at the floor, a low growling starting in his throat. He hadn't expected this, even when he'd known this girl was strange he hadn't thought it could be anything like that. Half shadow, half immortal. And a damned nasty immortal at that.

He looked at the girl, Cosmo, who still seemed utterly terrified he might tear her throat out. Good thing too, he thought angrily, because if she pushes her luck I will. I thought we'd seen the last of those damned Shadows, but no. Evidently their slimy little fingers get further than we'd thought. And who's willing to bet Drakath's going to be back to reclaim his little halfbreed?


Still growling under his breath, Ara stepped back from the group, still avoiding both Flamara and Cosmo's gaze. This wasn't a good situation, he knew it. But there wasn't exactly much he could do about it. As it was, it looked like they were stuck with her.

But that didn't mean Ara was going to like it.

The End

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