Hot Chocolate... Right.

Hot chocolate, thought Ara, right. If only I knew how to make the stuff. Can't be that hard right?

"Sure," he said to Jyll, trying to sound more sure than he felt, "I'm sure I can arrange something of the sort."

Provided it doesn't explode in my face first, he added mentally as he and Jyll made their way into the kitchen. Everything seemed normal for now, at least none of the sapient appliances had tried to chew them yet. The coast clear, Ara set about hunting through the shelves for anything that might remotely resemble hot chocolate. Finally he found something, "chocolate powder" it said on the lid. Presuming that was as close as he would get, he set about trying to read the tiny instructions on the back of the jar.

Dammit, he thought as he squinted blindly at the minscule words, where's Leigh when you need her? She knows how to do this stuff... or at least, better than I do. Very well, I'll guess.

"Okay," said Ara, approaching the kettle nervously, "How the heck do I work this thing? And please tell me it isn't sapient..."

The End

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