Help me....

I let Mathew wipe the tears away. He rubbed his soft warm body against my face. He was no mouse. What was he? He took him in my hands, and put him beside me on the bed.

"Why have I got wings? I don't usually!" I whispered to Mathew. I wriggled, so I was on my belly, looking at Mathew. He touched his nose to mine, then crawled a little closer, pressing close. His warmth seemed to tell me not to cry, that it would be ok. I smiled, and sniffed.

Knock Knock!

"Skyrah?!" yelled Raven.

"You ok?" came Sealantus' voice.

"Guys, she's just shy..." hissed Flamara.

"Shyrah Skyrah!" giggled Ara. I smiled, and croaked, 'come in'.

A flurry of quiet voices caame through. Shuffle shuffle, thump thump thump. Ara and Raven put their heads round the door. I sat up, and Mathew jumped onto my knee. Raven sat down beside the bed, and Ara beside me.

"Help me..." I sobbed softly. Ara put his arm cautiously round my wings. I looked up at him. He was looking at me bemused. Raven looked at me in slight awe. I shook my head. In awe, why does he look aaat me like that...? He knows something I don't, that's for sure. Raven nodded his head figorously at the door. Ara nodded, standing. They both left the room together.

I sighed, smilin down at Mathew. Rustle, rustle! My head snapped up. I held back a sigh of relief. A little girl, stood with a rabbit hanging from her arms stood by the open door.

"Hey there." I smiled, holding Mathew close. She dibbled her....flickering fingers at me, smiling softly.

"You ok, miss?" she asked. Or rather......her speach bubble did.

The End

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