What Are You?

I sat, looking thoughtfully at the mouse, as I asked if he had a name. He had squeaked in return. There was something about this little mousey. I ran my little finger over his back. He looked right into my eyes.

I reeled back. His eyes wern't beady black. They were...what were they??? I couldn't focus. The colour of them was so beautiful. I was transfixed by him. There ws just something about those eyes. The way his fur seemed to glow and shimmer slightly, though the lights were low, and there was no light to reflect.

"Your name? Ryan? Chris? Callum? Mathew?" I asked. He squeaked after the last one.

"Mathew?" I asked softly, smiling. He squeaked frantically. I put my little finger under his chin, tickling it gently.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Mathew, but...What are you?"

The End

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