Do You Have A Name???

"Uncle Sealantus, Don't be s0 mean!!!" I yelled a him as a mouse squeaked in his hands. I opened his hands, and took the mouse into my own. It looked at me wistfully, wisely. I ran a finger of its cheastnut brown back. "I'm not mean! Ivory eats mice!" her said moodily back.

"Wow you're pretty." I smiled at it. I cupped it close to my chest, and walked out of the room, sitting on the stairs with it. The mouse just sat there, it fur sleek and shiny. "You're going to get hurt if you stay here."

"Hello, Skyrah. What have you got?" Ivory's voice came into my head, and she sat next to me. The mouse squeaked. "No eating the pretty mouse." I told her. She shook her head, telling me she didn''t like mice after the purple one. I smiled, rubbing inbetween the little mouse's ears.  

"Do you have a name, little one??? I asked softly, as I walked up the stairs, smiling at the mouse. I walked into a bedroom, and placed it down. I curled a few blankets into a bit of a nest around it. "You'll be safe here, little friend." I whispered.

"Do you have a name???"

The End

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