Catching Up

Through everyone laughing, squealing and giggling, I made my way to the kitchen. I saw Corby, asleep in a chair. I smiled. I slid my ar round her, and lifted her. She was a little heavy but I held her to me as I carried her to the living room.

I pushed through, placing her into the big armchair. I glanced at Jyll. Leigh looked at me, and followed my gaze. She frowned, and jogged to Jyll's side, shifting her slightly, so Jyll sat on her knee, holding her close, a single tear sliding down her cheek, turning to ice, and dropping onto the floor breaking. I felt so sorry for them. When Jyll and Leigh had met, Leigh had sat for ages with Jyll on her lap, not caring if melted icecream covered them.

I sat down beside her. I glanced over at Ara, Skyrah, Raven, Kate and Sealantus thinking of what to do about Korma. Skyrah put her hannd to Ara's horn, smiling, and Ara roared with laugher. I think they were more on the lines of thinking of Aarn's nuts gettiing crushed by themselves more than an immortal who can't transport from a room. I sighed and smiled. I walked over to them, and Skyrah wrappped her ars round me, lookig up, grinning. I stroked her raven hair softly, kissing the top of her head.

"Good girl. Clever girl." I whispered. She smiled hugely. Ara came round, wrapping his arms round both of us, a slightly less happy smile on his face. I let go of Skyrah, and turned round fully to Ara. I stood on my tip toes, hugging him tightly, inhaling his scent. I think he was doing the same. I wondered what I smelt like to him...I know tht sounds weird, but oh well. He pulled back, and stiffled a yawn. I smiled at him, and Skyrah pulled herself onto a table, treching.

"I'm gonna show Skyrah a room she can get some shut eye in." I told him. He nodded, stiffling another yawn. I caught a glimse of his razor like teeth. I kissed him firmly. "And I think you have catching up to do to, don't you think?" I asked. He looked at me, mildly amused.

The End

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