Sealantus: rawr.

Skyrah grinned up at me, the disdance between us not that much. She was tall, and well built. My god. She'd pummel me if I touched Ara. Oh damn. She didn't know I'd hit him earlier.

Leigh gave me ad evil grin. I shook my head pointedly. Leigh looked at Skyrah, who still had her arms round me. She detached herself, to talk to Leigh. Skyrah did an 'ok' with her fingers, and blew, and little bubbles spiraled round, joining up, and Skyrah placed it the necklace over her head, and it froze slightly, giving the bubbles a pretty sheen. I stared into Ara's eyes. I couldn't take it any more. I gave out a loud rawr, alot like Ara's battle cry, and charged at Ara.

He flinched back, but gave a shriek as I wrapped my arms round him, careful of his wings, and hugged him tightly, not letting go. "What are you doing?!?!" hissed Ara." I lay my head on his shoulder lightly, and smiled, letting the tears drip. One dripped onto his wing, and he seemed confused.

"I missed you. You're like...a brother to me. in a weird, twisted, competetiv kind of way." I whispered. Flamara, Leigh and Skyrah looked a the two of us strangly. Ara gave a laugh, and wrapped his arms round me.

"This once." He chuckled.

"Uh uh. I like your hugs."

"Don't push your luck, Your Royal Wetness."


"Just jokin." Ara smiled. We pulled apart, and I slapped him on the shoulder. He flinched. I was confused. "I still haven't forgotten." he said, pointing to his eye.

The End

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