Ara ruffled Skyrah's hair affectionately before turning back to Leigh and Sealantus. Leigh was greeting Flamara enthusiastically and Sealantus was grinning like a maniac. Ara hung back, feeling rather nervous and remembering Sealantus' beration of him when he'd left before.

Let's just hope it doesn't happen again. I don't think I'd survive another pummeling. I'd sooner take Korma on myself, immortal or no!

Far less hazardous. And less painful.

However, after feeling like a coward for several minutes, Ara finally did pluck up the courage to go and greet his old friends.

"You're back I see," he said to Leigh, grinning his sharp-toothed grin. Then, more cautiously, he turned to Sealantus:

"Remember me, Crabstick? Not going to bite my head off again are you?"

"Not with Skyrah around," he replied, "She'd probably kill me."

Ara snickered, "No, I don't think so. Gruesomely disfigure you yes, but not kill you. Just as Aarn, eh Skyrah?"

Skyrah giggled and grabbed Sealantus in a bear hug. Ara smiled slightly and said,

"Good to see you again Calamari Boy."

"Same to you Mange-Bag." Wheezed Sealantus as Skyrah's hug squashed the air from his lungs.

Well, that went well enough.

Now, what do we do with the immortal on the other side of that door.....



The End

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