I started to cry. Korma's face softened. "No need to cry, my dear. I'm not going to hurt you." He said, wrapping me in his arms. I gulped. The softness of his arms round me made me feel safe. That's when I heard it. That voice.

"Hoey, we're home!!!" the voice yelled.

"UNCLE SEALANTUS!!! FISHFACE!!!!!! FISHSTICK!!! SUSHI BREATHE!!!! WASABI!!!!!" I yelled at the top of my voice. I whooped loudly, but Korma covered my mouth.

"No child, he may think you're in danger." He said, as id he were talking to a five year old. I gritted my teeth together. I leaned on the door, and sighed. "Now. How do we get out of here?" I heard Korma mutter.


"I can't teleport out of here. It's too pure a room. Obsidian."

"Ah." I said, leaning on the door. I pushed the handle slightly, and it clicked. I picked Jyll up from her bed, rocking her in my arms. I knelt down, sitting next to the tied up siblings. I cut them free, and I walked slowly to the door. I used a hand to push it right open, and Aarn, Jyll and I got out. But Lucy just smiled, closing the door behind us, locking it. I screamed at her to come out, but I knew it was too late.

I gulped, and Aarn took Jyll from me. Ara peeked round, and he rushed to me.

"You ok, kid?" he asked softly. I gave a tearful nod, before throwing my arms round him. "Luc-c-c-cy. Lucy." I sobbed. Ara flinched.

"I'm sorry. I failed. I'm sorry Ara." I whispered. He pulled away, looking me straight in the eyes.

"It is not your fault." he said sternly and firmly. I smiled. Sealantus stood near the door. I grinned, and ran to him. "Skyrah??" he asked, as i hugged him. I smiled, and pulled away, running round, hugging Raven, then Kate, then Flamara, then I went back to Raven, and hugged him again. As  I did, I whispered, "Lucy's dead. But Korma can't transport out of the obsidian room."

"Good girl..." he breathed. Hooray! I was getting praise.

The End

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