Return of the Snow Princess and Seal King

“Are we there yet?” Sealantus moaned from the back of the motorcycle.

Leigh would have berated him, if she hadn’t felt the same way. Even Radio, ensconced between her and Fish Face, was silent. For a while Radio had been entertaining them by finding the perfect music for each stretch of road they drove down. It had been like riding in a motorcycle video. Now Leigh wondered if they would ever get there.

Don’t worry, you’ll be there soon, her author’s quiet voice responded.

“Soon,” Leigh called back with a sigh, not sure if she should believe her author or not.

The road they were on twisted and turned. More and more trees began to appear around them as the light began to fade. Correction, Leigh thought, the light wasn’t fading, it was being blocked by clouds. Rain drops began to descend upon them and she felt Radio shiver.

“Try and keep him covered would you, Fishy dear?”

Sealantus adjusted himself, causing the motorcycle to wobble.


Maneuvering along the road was becoming very difficult. Leigh popped her visor up a crack to keep it from fogging. Still it was hard to see with the rain streaming down her helmet. The dark didn’t help, but at least the road seemed to be straightening out. But with the good came the bad. The pavement suddenly ended in gravel.

“Hold on and lean with me, the roads getting rough.”

Sealantus muttered something from the back. Leigh smiled as she guided the bike along the rough road. Then the rut she’d been following disappeared. A strange sense of de-ja-vu came over her. The engine cut out and she knew she was out of gas, just like last time. Only this time she brought company. Compnay that she had met at The Hideout. Then the coasting bike hit a bump and sent them sliding across the grass.

Leigh swore as she picked herself up off the grass. “You okay Seally?”

“Yeah, fine,” he dusted himself off and looked are her. “Are you?”

“Yeah, but where’s Radio?”

In answer they heard the chorus of Tubthumping by Chumbawamba.
I get knocked, down but I get up again. You're never gonna keep me down.

Leigh laughed as she went to her bike. “Well at least the spill put one of us in a better mood.”

Sealantus helped her pick up the bike as Radio came trotting over. Never settling on one song, Radio kept bounding ahead and circling back. Though the task of pushing the bike was hard, Leigh and Sealantus smiled at Radio’s puppy dog antics. At last the bike rested against the house. The Hideout opened its door for them.

“Honey we’re home!” Sealantus couldn’t help but call out as they trooped inside.

The End

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