Hallo my half-mad Halfborn!

Ara groaned, the Author was back. Gods knew what it wanted this time. Did he even want to know?

Well that's not very nice! said the Author indignantly I was hoping for something of a warmer welcome. Ah well, you'll like what I've got to say!

Ara snorted derisively, from what he could gather about this Author it clearly delighted in making him feel uncomfortable. It clearly had a talent for nastiness and the gleeful note in it's voice was doing nothing to comfort him in this situation.

Why can't you just leave me alone? he thought angrily, I have enough problems without you here! Skyrah's in trouble and we need to think of something!

Alright, alright, hold your horses. She can hold out for a little longer. Don't get your horn in a knot, help is on the way.

Ara's ears pricked up. Help? From where? The Author chuckled.

Oh don't worry, it's a good thing. Well, maybe not so much for you. Methinks someone still has a score to settle with you. Remember that little shouting match when you came back?

Ara nodded, heart sinking as he remembered Sealantus shrieking at him for abandoning Flamara. It hurt to think that he had hurt her, he hadn't meant to. What was worse that if this Author got it's way he'd leave again. He'd break her heart all over again. The Author sighed.

I know, I know. But don't worry, it's all gonna work out. You belong in this new place, trust me. You'll love it when you get there. Once this mess is over, you won't be so opposed to the idea.

Get out of my head, Ara snapped before the Author could start making him feel uncomfortable again. You've confused me enough, clear off!

Whatever mange-bag. You can hiss at me all you like, the result will still be the same. I know you Ara. I created you after all.

"GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" Ara roared, making Kate, Raven and Flamara jump.

The Author gave a last exasperated sigh and fell silent. Ara snarled and kicked a hole in the floor. Help? What sort of help was this crazy voice talking about? And why did it talk about the fight with Sealantus...

The answer hit Ara like a ton of bricks. For one moment he stood perfectly still, not moving at all. Then he fell over in fits of uncontrollable laughter. Flamara walked over and gave him the most confused look he'd ever seen her give him. Tears streaming down his face and unable to stand up, Ara managed to supress the hysterics long enough to gasp out:

"Prepare for a family reunion! Fish Face is coming back!"

The End

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