Sealantus: That's Not Ma Name!!!

I grinned as she said we should go back to the Hideout, but ot when Skyrah was mentioned. We had been in the other story. Flamara had adopted her. No doubt Taliesin and the others would try to contact them.

"We should go back. If anything happens to that sweet girl, I'll never forgive myself!" I sighed. Leigh gave a snort.

"You call her sweet? Get a load of this!" she said smiling, and rewound the tape. It showed Aarn kissing Flamara. I growled, and watched Ara and the others go to her aid. I saw Skyrah enter. Real high class. She looked at Ara, then went into the room. That battle cry. Woah. As she span, and kicked him, I crossed my legs awkwardly, thinking how much that hurt. She fast-forwarded to Skyrah, Ara and Raven kicking and punching a bag through a wall.

I grabbed the remote, and fast forwarded more. Nathen, alive, Jyll in coma. Damn. I watched Skyrah hug Ara. "I wont let you down Fa-Ara." Rewind.

"A home outside the hideout. You could stay with Skyrah and I." Flamara. I nodded. So...who was Ara, now? Her boyfriend? Her fiance? I wonder if he still has that mark...?


"That's not ma name! It's Calamari Fish Face. FishStick to you." I said triunphantly, taking her hand. She grinned. I remembered something.

"Oops! Did I forget to say I brought someone with us?" I grinned. Leigh looked at me in disbelief. I opened the cupboard, and we had, 'THEY CALL ME STACY, THEY CALL ME JANE! THATS NOT MA NAME! THATS NOT MA NAME! FISHSTICK, FISHSTICK!!!" at top volume. Leigh laughed, picking up the Radio.

The End

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