Refelctions from Outside

Leigh grined. It'd been a long time since she flicked her channel over to watch The Hideout. She was happy to see Elric and Corby talking. Heck she was happy to see Corby.

Although, Leigh looked at the passed out figure of Calamari Fish Face, ah how that nickname had grown on her. Leigh shook her head to clear her thoughts. Skyrah was technically his adopted daughter as well as Flamara's.

Should she wake him and let him know the trouble the girl was in? Would she be able to keep up and somehow keep her promise to Corby. But Corby admitted she was no longer dying, for that Leigh was grateful. Leigh chewed her lip.

Sure California was nice and sunny with road to ride a plenty, but she was here with Sealantus. Only Sealentus, and sometimes you needed to talk to some one who wasn't your boyfriend. Leigh paced to where he slept. Positioning herself to block the paused scene she woke him with a kiss to the lips.

Saelantus opened his eyes with a smile; a smile that soon faded as he caught sight of Leigh's expresion. "What's up?"

"I think we should go back."

"Go back where?" he looked utterly confused. It probably didn't help that he was still sleepy. Sealantus sat up as Leigh moved away.

"Skyrah's in trouble at The Hideout. I think Flamara and Ara might appreciate our help."

Leigh let Sealantus watch what she just did. She would go back if he wished to. Going back to see Corby was selfish, but if he thought they could help save Skyrah, then that was a cause worth returning for. Nervous to see what Sealantus's decision might be Leigh wondered how they would return.

Don't worry, I can get you back in her long absent author's soft voice replied.

The End

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