I Have My Family Back...

Corby paused at Elric's question and lowered the mug away from her lips, watching the kitchen appliances leave then looking up at Elric. 

"It's a long story..." she whispered with a sigh. 

"I've got time." 

Corby moved over to the kitchen table and sat down, sweeping her hair back behind her ear. Elric followed her. 

"My author she...she let me leave. She told me that she'd change my future so I wouldn't be ill any more. I'm not going to die." Elric looked confused, "My author wanted to write about me in another story, and she wouldn't let me be in two. So she locked me away in her brain for a while as she wrote about me. Now that she has more time, she let me go." Corby sipped at her cocoa and watched Elric shake his head.

"You must have a pretty nice author." he chuckled. 

"She's okay." Corby mumbled with a smile.

I'm not just okay. I'm amazing. 

"But...what's been happening? I haven't visited this place in so long. It's like i've got my family back." Elric smiled down at the table, but it faded quickly. 

"Corby, why aren't you angry?" she looked up from her cocoa.

"About what?"

"About-" he stopped. "About..."

The End

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