Act Fast

Ara fidgeted uncomfortably as he watched Flamara standing, statue-like, in front of him, eyes glazed, as if watching something no-one else could see. She was hearing something, Ara knew it. However, judging by the look on her face, it probably wasn't good.

Turning back to Kate and Raven, Ara looked them up and down, hunting for some clue as to why Korma would want them. Raven was, obviously, some sort of fallen immortal, perhaps Korma had been sent by his superiors to get rid of him. Then again, Korma didn't seem like the sort of immortal to listen to anyone else. Perhaps this was some sort of grudge carried down through the centuries.

As for Kate's part, Ara had no idea. She might as well have been a rabbit for all he could deduce about her.

Suddenly Flamara snapped out of her trance, wheeling on the trio, eyes wide and panicky.

"Korma's doing something to Skyrah!" she said, "He's doing some sort of binding, she says he wants her for some sort of servant. We have to do something!"

"Whoa, hold on!" yelped Ara, catching Flamara's wrist just as she turned to go to the obsidian room, "We can't just go charging in there!"

"Why not?" Flamara rounded on him, "What if he hurts her?"

"He won't," replied Ara, trying to sound calm, "Besides, what if us crashing through the door gives him some reason to harm her? We need to think of a plan. I want to help Skyrah too, but we need to figure out a plan first. We don't want a repeat experience with those Shadows."

At the mention of the Shadows, Flamara fell silent, fidgeting irritably and chewing her lip. Ara turned back to Kate and Raven.

"Right, we're going to have to act fast. Do you think we can sneak up on this guy? Or is an all out frontal our best tactic? You two obviously know him better than I do, how do you think we can get at him without being ripped to ribbons?"

However, underneath his apparent calm, Ara was freaking out. Every instinct in him was screaming to fly at Korma straight out and beat his brains out. The thought of Skyrah being in danger set his teeth on edge. But he knew they would have to be careful, one wrong move could spell not only Skyrah's doom but everyone involved.

He just hoped they could plan faster than Korma could.

The End

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