Where Did You Go?

"Too be honest, I could ask you that myself. I've been completely lost, " Elric said as he took a sip from his steaming mug. There was something different about the house now, but he couldn't put his finger on it. It seemed more... alive. It seemed brighter, not quite as foreboding. It was as if the shadows themselves had receded into their corners, cowering from some unknown force.

He didn't dare look Corby in the eye, for the sadness in his gaze would have alerted her to his thoughts. Why did she leave? Why did she come back? Why isn't she angry? He took another sip, his mouth seeming suddenly dry. "So, " he asked, trying to keep his tone curious instead of hurt and confused. "What happened after I-" he caught himself right before the words passed out slipped past his lips. She didn't know about that. At least, he hoped not. "Where did you go, after you left?" He caught site of the toaster helping the blender get its lid twisted the right way, and idly wondered if they should go somewhere more private to discuss these things.

As quickly as his thought was finished, the sentient appliances seemed to stare in his direction for an instant, then piled out the kitchen door.

His question hung in the air, unanswered, and he fought the urge to look at her, to see what emotions were passing over her face, to see... anything. But slowly his will gave in, and his eyes met hers. "Why did you leave, Corby?"

The End

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