Oh My...


Ara placed his hands on my shoulders. "I'm sorry. I need you to o back in there, an keep him busy. I really am sorry."

I wrapped my arms round his shoulders, and his around me in a hug. "Don't worry. I won't let you down Fa...Ara." I said, then realized what I was about to call him. He smiled slighty, and I went back into the room.


"Yes, child?" I heard him. He was leaning on a high ledge. He let himself drop down, bending his knees as he landed.

"What is the job?"

"You must bring me the basilisk scale dagger, and the woman called Kate."

"I'm not letting you kill or hut her."

"And I won't kill or harm you. I'll just keep you a...a servant. I will bind you to me. No...I shall make you my equal, but you shall assist me in my biddings. Like...a daughter."

"Oh my..." I breathed. I glanced round, seeing Aarn and his sister tied up together, unconscious.


"Skyrah, Skyrah? Where are you?!" I called. Ara was stood speaking with Kate and Raven.

"Have you seen Skyrah?"

"She's keeping Korma busy."

"What?" said Kate, spinning round.

"She's keeping an eye on Korma. She told me she wouldn't let us down."

"Oh my..."

"Wait...Jyll, Lucy, Aarn, Skyrah....anything strange about where they are, and who they are...? They all have darkness in them. Jyll, Aarn and Lucy have it from being Shadows, and Skyrah has the powers...and they're all in the obsidian room, aren't they?" I said fearfully. Ara wrapped his arms round me, and showed me the memory of when Skyrah had gone in.

I won't let you down Fa...Ara. The memory was vividly clear.

"Flamara, I can hear something..." whispered Ivory in my mind. She sent the messeges to me.

Mother, Father, Ivory, Nathen, Raven, Kate. Anyone. I am in....obsidian room...Lucy, Jyll and Aarn....please come.....Korma...binding....daughter.

The End

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