Raven: Well, last time...

"So... how do you kill an immortal?"

The question weaved itself in my mind before I answered.

"Well, last time, we sacrificed the souls of four of our closest friends to trap him in an alternate dimension."

Ara looks at me, confused.

"I thought you said he was dead?"

"Well, he was, sort of. He was gone."

"Gone is not dead, it's gone."

"Yes, well, Kate and I thought it would be OK. I mean, after everything that happened."

"So, how did you seal him in another dimension."

"Kate absorbed the four souls of our companions and used the energy from that to summon Atomos. When Atomos came, he swallowed up Korma, then locked himself away in another dimension."

"So, there's no way to get Atomos back?"

"No, if you summoned him now, you would get a past version... it's time magic."

Ara nods, formulating a plan.

"So, we need to sacrifice four people?"

"Well, willingly sacrifice."

"That'll be hard, very hard."

"Yeah, and now he wants to kill Kate and I."

The End

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