A Job...?

"Waht sort of job, Korma?"

"Well, it concerns a few people from this house."

"Hmm. Depends what I'm doing, and what happens if I do."

"Hehe, smart girl. Want time to think it over?"

"Yeah." I said, before walking from the room, locking the door behind me. ra walked up to me.

"Skyrah, we need your help. Have you seen n immortal?"

"Uhh...don't think so. Wait... stay there, don't make a sound." I told him, putting a finger to his lips. He gave a nod, and froze still. I went back into the obsidian room.

"Well, Korma, I don't really know nything about you, so...?"

"As you can see, I had my head severed from y body." e said, showing me a few scars on his neck. Immortal.

I left, saying, "I'll think about the job." and turned to Ara.

"The guy, Korma, he's immortal, he just offered me a job."

"You're a good double agent."


The End

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