He's Here

As Ara kept watch out of the window, looking for any signs of the immortal returning, a distant sound reached his ears. Pricking his ears, he leaned a little further out, trying to catch the sound better. As faint as it was, it was exceedingly familiar. It sounded like voices, dozens and dozens of voices all raised in song. It was coming from far away, but yet Ara still recognised it. It almost seemed familiar...

Suddenly another feeling made the back of his neck tingle and Ara whipped around, alarm bells ringing in his head. Kate and Raven looked up at him in alarm. Every hair on the back of Ara's neck was on end, his eyes were wide and his wings were semi-unfurled, subconcsiously ready to fight or run at a moment's notice.

"He's here," said Ara, looking wildly around, trying to locate where the immortal's distinct trace was coming from, "He's somewhere in the house. I can feel him....

We have to move. Now!"

The End

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