How Do You Kill an Immortal?

Ara watched the spot where the immortal's body had been, eyes narrowed and making an almost soundless growl under his breath. He'd only ever encountered one immortal before, and even that had been enough to put him off for life. Normally creatures of that strength had relatively short lifespans.

Ones that lived forever were nothing but bad news to Ara.

Looks like I won't be leaving this place for a while, he thought with a small smile, there's no way I can just bolt out in the middle of a fight. And yes, I do think there will be a fight. Whether or not we'll win is another matter altogether.

With a deterined huff, Ara turned to Raven and, looking him straight in the face, said authoritively.

"Right. Something tells me that your friend there isn't through with you yet. What he wants with you, I don't know. But I do need information on him. Best to know what we're up against, even if it doesn't come to violence." he gave Raven a hard look, "But if it does, we need to know how to fight back. If that thing's out to get you, which I think it is, he'll have to go through me first. We're all in this together." Ara stopped and smiled sardonically:

"So... how do you kill an immortal?"

The End

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