Peering In

The girl peers around the door, nervous. Her black hair is straggly from the rain, but somehow manages to remain dead-straight. Her friends, ever jealous, have never understood that she actually dislikes how straight it is.

What is this place? She is desperate for somewhere to stay, to get away from her abusive older brother, but has no money. Nor does she have any qualifications, because she left school at the age of fourteen. Without skills or GCSEs, she has no chance of getting a job.

Would they take her in? The girl creeps forward nervously. A fight appears to be in progress, though she doesn't know what is going on. Better here than nowhere, though, and she goes inside.

Maybe someone will tell her what's going on, over a cup of hot chocolate.

Carrie smiles thinly for the first time in months.

The End

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