Corby stood frozen, looking between Flamara, the girl and...Elric stood in the mist. 

She heard a comment about hot chocolate, but ignored it and grabbed Elric's hand, pulling him out of the room and lunging at him into a tight hug. He gasped in shock as she squeezed him tightly until he turned blue, then she let go and watched him blush. 

"Sorry about that, Elric. It's been a while..." she giggled and he grinned, saying nothing.  

"Well um...hot chocolate?" he asked. Corby nodded and Flamara and her daughter smiled, turning away and walking down the corridor. Corby and Elric walked the opposite direction to the kitchen. 


"How long was I gone?" Corby asked Elric as she stirred her cocoa. 

"Quite a while, Leigh and Seleantus have gone..." he turned away.

"She what?-" Elric nodded. "Well...at least I said goodbye. What's going on then? Been any arguments? Any wars or battles?" 

"Too be honest, I could ask you that myself. I've been completely lost." 

The End

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