Kate: Not again.

I backed away, then I noticed that Ara had taken root behind Raven.

Oh God, not again.

Korma was the leader of the five, an evil group of people who controlled the elements and were able to control thought, and create various creatures. Two of the five joined Raven and I in our quest to kill Korma, we were luckly. During the last battle, I had to absorb the powers and spirits of Wyatt, Candace, Argus and Steton all to summon the ultimate being: Atomos. When Atomos ate Korma he then trapped himself in an alternate dimension, so as to keep everyone safe. But now, Korma was standing right there, there was no one for me to sacrifice, and I was a bit rusty with my powers. Then, he turned to me.

"Why, hello Kate." The gaping wound in his chest seemed to sneer at me, proving to the world that he could not bleed. "It's been a long time. Tell me, how are you going to summon Atomos this time?"

Ara looked at me confused.

"It's a long story." I simply said, then I turned my attention back to Korma. "Look, I don't know how but somehow we will kill you."

Then Korma began to laugh, he bucked to his knees laughing. Then, Raven took out his sword and in a flash cut off Korma's head, I watched at the head flew through the air and rolled away. Then, the body of Korma's fell to the ground, and turned golden, and then to mist. I quickly looked at Raven.

"He's going to attack again, and soon. We need to prepare ourselves for it."

Then Ara spoke up.

"But, he just died."

I stared at him, not blinking.

"No, he made you think he just died. In reality, he's probably hiding somewhere gathering data and finding out how to kill us all. We need to band together to somehow kill him."

Ara simply nodded. Then, Raven sheathed his sword and walked away. I went to follow him and we both sat on the couch.

"I thought we were done this." He whispered.

"We were, 107 years ago."

The End

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