A Story Or Two

The illusion of the goblin, crumpling before his attacks, was so real it set his stomach on edge. But like all illusions of the mist, it turned a glossy gold once it was defeated and floated into the black nothingness. The mist had shown him many things over the time he'd been with it. Past, present, and even a few different possible futures. It had trained him, taught him things about different opponents he may face, and opponents he would face. But most importantly of all, it kept its promise. He was stronger now. He had power. Maybe not as much as nearly anyone else in the house, but it didn't matter. Even if they didn't act friendly towards him after this, surely they wouldn't act hostilely.

A light startled him as it seemed to appear from the darkness. At first, he thought it was merely a trick of the mist. But the light continued to grow, and as if the light were radiating from her, Corby appeared in what could only be a doorway.

He was stunned, his brain didn't quite understand what was happening, and he didn't believe anything he came up with. Then he felt the mist lift the haze from his mind, clarity sinking in. "Corby, " he muttered, not even intending to say anything out loud. The voice of Avak The Creator and his own seemed to meld together, the smooth charismatic boy and the rasp of an ancient power.

Just as he processed the fact that there was another girl standing next to her, a trickle of information started forming in the back of his mind. Her height, eye color, the basics. Flamara was there moments later, and some nagging part of his mind told him that the girl had called her. It wasn't a guess, a deduction, somehow he just knew it to be fact, though how he didn't have a clue.

He was suddenly aware that he'd just been standing there, gawking like some kind of fool. He wanted answers, but they could wait. He controlled the mist like a fifth limb, curling it around him, pulling it into him, until all that was left was the faint glow on his skin where it had brushed against him.

He felt the mist in his mind, strengthening him where he was weak, clawing its way through his nervousness, leaving a clear mind in its wake. He wanted to say something but he wasn't sure what. It seemed, though, even this was not beyond the grasp of Avak's power, as words poured from his lips before he even knew what he was saying.

"Lets go get some hot chocolate. It looks like we both have a story or two to tell."

The End

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