Defensive Positioning

Ara watched Flamara rush off, somewhat confused by her actions. He would have followed her, but right at that moment him mind was proccupied with something else.

Namely the large, seemingly immortal creature that appeared to be having words with Raven. The hairs on the back of Ara's neck rose and he let out a low snarl. There was something not quite right about that thing, something that made Ara uncomfortable with it. He stalked over and took up a position just behind Raven, tossing his head meaningfully in the intruder's direction. His message was clear:

You mess with him, you mess with me too.

The intruder ignored him and turned back to Raven, smiling nastily, despite the gaping wound in it's chest. Ara could practically smell the power on this thing. It was massively strong, and even worse it seemed to have malicious intention.

Better yet, it was immortal.

Oh joy.

The End

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