I saw a girl running past me, and up the stairs. I followed, curiously. SHe knew her way around. I watched her ooking at the boy, who ad been just....standing in the mist...for what seemed like hours.

"Excuse me, is your name...Corby?" I asked. The girl turned, and nodded. I smiled, touching my fingers to my forehead.

"Flamara, you might want to see this..."

"What is it???"

Just follow my signal."

Flamara came clambering up the stairs. "What is it, honey?" she asked, smiling, then looking sideways. "CORBY!!!!" she yelled. I giggled. Flamara ran, and hugged her. She glanced sideways, and roared in anger. She ra into the mist, and took hold of the boy's hand, pulling him out. He had a bird on his shoulder. Flamara slammed the door closed, nd began checking the boy over.

"Hehe, by the way, I'm Skyrah, Flamara's adopted daughter. Hi."

The girl, Corby, just stared between me and the boy.

The End

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