Wow, Why So Long?

Corby stood frozen on the front step of the porch to the hideout, staring into the door. Thanks for letting me come back, I really appreciate it you know. It's been years. Corby thought.

No problem Corby, but for me, please be safe.  Her author replied. She nodded and clambered up the steps to the front door. You know you'll never get out after this without my help. And one day my help won't be there. 

It's a good enough risk to take. I want to see Elric...apologise to him. She thought. 

Okay, well. Off you go. 

Corby hesitated, her hand a few centimetres from the door handle. She dropped her hand and turned her head to look at the rain. 

"Go on, Corby. It's a handle." she pushed herself. Then her hand clasped the door knob, and she cracked it open, listening to the creek. 

Everything was silent. She walked in, closing the door behind her and hanging up her coat; taking off her wellies. No-one had noticed her yet. She smiled and walked forward, feeling the warmth of the fire. 

"Hi everyone...long time no see." she mumbled. Heads turned. 

"Corby!" voices called, lunging towards her and hugging her, shouting at her about where she'd been. Corby attempted to look over the heads of everyone for Elric, but he was no-where. He would be somewhere.

"Okay, everyone. How about I make us all some cocoa like the good old days. Yeah?" she grinned and everyone nodded as she walked into the kitchen alone, making everyone hot chocolate. 

She dropped her mug. 


Corby banged out of the kitchen, charging up the stairs and opening every single door. Bathroom, bedroom, magic room, ball room. All kinds of different rooms.

The last door sat at the end of the hall, she ran towards it and pushed it open to see Elric standing in thick mist, a bright like shining behind him. His head turned to see her. 



The End

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