Skyrah: Sweet Sentiment

I read Ara's face and mind as his wings drooped. I stood on my tip toes, and wrapped my arms round him. I read his past, with Lucy, Aarn, and others.

"Ara, look at us." Flamara said,, coming to my side, as I wrapped my arm round her, letting go of him. Ara looked up, pained.

"Ara, everyone as stepped from the fight to a battle to the war. In a war, you can't go it alone. And you don't have to go it alone. As long as you have Flamara and me, you will never feel alone. I have seen all you have been through, and aginst the odds, you nd Flamara stuck together. We will always be by your side." I told him.

Flamara looked down at me fondly. "That was a sweet sentiment."

I kissed Ara's cheek gently. "Meeting you and Flamara, its the best thing that's happened since finding my powers. This is better than that. You're like a father to me. Just...please be happy." I said, slightly begging.

The End

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