I'm Scared...

Ara ruffled Skyrah's hair affectionately, half-snickering as he looked up at him with her big trusting eyes.

"That's just what I was coming to talk to you about." he said, smile fading slightly as he turned to Flamara. "Something happened just now, I think it was something to do with this... author. You said you can talk to yours, well, I think mine's just talked to me. It said... it said..."

After struggling with the words for several minutes, Ara gave up and put his hand to Flamara's forehead. He relayed back to her what had just taken place, reporting back every word the author had said, right from the explanation about his last disappearance, through to what it had said about him leaving again. When he had finished, he pulled away and looked at Flamara, confused and nervous about what her reaction would be.

"It knew me so well, I just knew it was true." he said, pointedly not meeting either Flamara nor Skyrah's gaze, "Everything it said, it was as if it knew everything about me. At first it was kind of creepy, but then it talked about leaving and... I'm scared Flamara, really scared. I don't know what to do, I need your help."

Still not meeting her gaze, Ara put his head in his hands, shoulders sagging and wings hanging limply behind him like a pair of leathery black rags.

For all his strength and determination, Ara really was at his wit's end. After everything he'd been through and all the problems he'd had to deal with, this was it.

This was one battle Ara couldn't win alone.

The End

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