Like A Father...

I sat next to Flamara, her arm round me, and smiling. I leaned my head on her shoulder as she shared memories with me. Of the Shadows, of Ara, of Corby, of Sealantus and Leigh. Most of them seemed like lovely people.

"Flamara, will we be able to go back?"

"Go back where, Hun?"


"Babe, I have three homes. Here, Eliria, and home in the human world."

"I mean with the others. Taliesin, and those lot."

"Maybe. We'll need to talk to our author. To see if we're ready to go back."

"Ok." I said with a smile, to see Ara coming running. He looked upset, and confused. He ran to us, and we both got up. I hugged him tightly. "Can Ara come too?"


"Please?" I asked. Ara looked down in confusion. He wrapped his arms round me, smiling softly.

"Ara, if we talk to our author, do you want to come home with us? And I know lots of things that the others don't. About Halfborns I mean. I've been living with one, called Kiara."

In my mind, I sent a message out. "Ara's like a father. Protective, funny, and awesome."

The End

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