All-Knowing Author and Ara

Ara smiled at Skyrah, what could he say, he liked the girl. She had spark and clearly knew what she wanted. She'd go far in life, he could tell.

As he watched her gambol around the room, Ara thought about what Flamara had suggested. Yes, he wanted to go with her. He loved her more than anything and desperately wanted to be with her. Not having to hide his true form was yet another bonus, for he had grown bored of hiding behind a disguise. The offer was perfect, it was just what he'd wanted all his life. But something was telling him otherwise, a little voice in the back of his mind. A voice that was unknown to him, but oddly familiar.

Sorry Ara, it said, I'd like to let you go with her, but I'm afraid your path lies elsewhere.

What do you mean? thought Ara, confused, Who are you?

The voice groaned, I'm your author you dingbat! Who else do you think it is?

My author? You mean like the others had? Well why haven't you spoken to me before? Everyone else's authors seemed to communicate with them regularly, why didn't you? Ara thought suspiciously, slightly scared by this new development. So this was the one who had been controlling his fate from the start. The one who had brought him here. The one who had sent him back from the In-Between Place.

And the one who had the power to take him back again.

The author sighed, I know, I probably should have introduced myself before but I wanted to let you have your own will here. Let you develop as the case may be. But anyway, that's not the point. I've got a place for you Ara, I've finally found a story for you.

Why send me away at all? I have a home here, friends and people who care about me! Ara whimpered subconsciously, worried that he's start fading away at any moment.

Whoa there, don't freak out on me! said the author, trying to sound calming but barely supressing a snicker, I'm not gonna make you poof like last time. As amusing as it was, I'm going to be nice this time. I'll leave you time to say goodbye and all that. You can leave in your own time.

What if I don't want to leave? Ara snapped back, challenging the author and daring them to disagree.

The author chuckled knowingly, I knew you'd say that. I know you too well Ara, I made you after all! You can deny me all you like, but you'll want to leave eventually. You'll get bored and fidgety the same way you always do when you tire of a place. You'll start staring out the windows, yearning to chase the horizon and feel the wind on your face again. You'll want to fly again, to find some new place to explore and new sights to see.

You'll want to leave soon enough fella. Trust me, you will.

Before Ara could reply, the author's voice vanished again and he was left alone in his mind with nothing but his author's words ringing in his ears. It had described his feelings so acurately it scared him, it seemed to know him better than anyone.

He had to talk to Flamara. Now.

The End

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