Aarn is gonna get beaten to a semi-pulp.

I watched Skyrah bugging Raven again. I sighed, and walked over to her, puttng my hand out to her. She took it with a smile, and we walked away from the living room, and the gaping hole in the wall.

We walked back to the obsidian room, where little Jyll still lay. "Skyrah, this is Jyll. I've been teaching her fire magic. She knows enough to defend herself, and if the other Elementals agreed, she could become the Fire Princess. But I bet they won't." I smiled.

I pulled the cloak the Ara had put in, and laid it over Jyll. I took the tiny fire flower, and laid it in her hand.

Skyrah and I left the room, hand in hand. Skyrah stopped. She stood as striat as a pole. She gritted er teeth together. She put her hand to the floor, and lifted a drop of water. It ran down her arm, and she fell to the floor, and seemed to melt into it. She stood again, as water.

"Woah. That's new." I breathed, and she sloshed up the stairs. I heard a gasping, a gurggling, and a thud. I went up the stairs, to see a Shadow on the floor, and Skyrah standing up.

"Why did you kill it?"

"It reaked of evil."

"Oh Goddess, its another Ara."

"Don't dis, Ara's awesome."

"Only coz.....yeah. I agree. He threatened one thing that came into the house with 'You harm one person here, I'll rip you're lungs out with my own bare hands."

"Typical. He seemed pretty happy when I kicked that guy in the crushed plums. What did he do?"

"Ugh....I was sat with him, and he turned to me, and pulled me in, and kissed me, and Ara burst in, to find Aarn still kissing me, Ara started to beat him up, you arrived, kicked Aarn in the balls." I said.

Skyrah growled, and stomped down stairs, her body turning to rock. The whole house trembled. Ara met me as I rushed after her. He glanced at her. "Oh Goddess. Aarn is going to get beaten to a pulp."

"Yeah. Isn't it great?" chuckled Ara. I groaned.

"Hey Skyrah!!!!" Ara called.

Skyrah turned, her face gray stone. "Yeah?"

"Beat Aarn to a semi-pulp. I wanna beat him to a full pulp."

"Got it, Ara!" she said, grinning.

"Oh my..." I whispered.

The End

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