Come With Us?

Ara and I watched Skyrah bugging raven to teach her to kick stuff through walls. H shook his head, and sh poutd playfully. She stood, poised towards the wall, and punched it with all her might. Some plaster crumbled. Skyrah sighed, then watched as her fist turnd to stone. Raven gave a shout, and Skyrah punchd the wall, leaving a large indent. Her fist turned back to normal, and Rave stood by her side.

"Oh, did I forget to say I have powers?"

"Yeah, you did!"

"Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit, Darkness, Light, and I can use telepathy." She said proudly. The fallen angel fell into a seat. He seemed to be remembering something, or thinking very deeply.

I turned to Ara, and took both of his hands. "Listen, Ara, If...Skyrah and I, talk to our author, do you want to come into our story? You don't have to disguise yourself, if you wanted you could work with me, I used to teach special students with special powers, so, if you ever need a home, outside the Hideout, you're always welcome with us."

Ara just stared at me.

The End

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