My Sides Hurt

I almost fell down laughing when Raven called Skyrah an adorable little girl. She gave him a hard stare. Ovbiously he hadn't see her kick Aarn in the nuts. Skyrah raised a thin eyebrow. She sent a mesage to me.

"Does he think I'm five?! Jeez, you'd think he'd know I'm like, 10 years older than that!"

"Be nice." I looked at her with a tiny smile. She rolled her eyes, and put a hand on her hip. She stuck out her hand to Raven. "Hey, I'm Skyrah. I'm 15, 16 soon!" She said brightly. Raven then turned his attention to Aarn, hands clenched between his legs, his face screwed up in pain.

"Oops? Did I forget to say I'm a black belt?" She said, givig a shrug. I watched as Ara began to laugh extremly hard. Skyrah turned, and grinned. Ara sat down, clutching his sides. Skyrah helped him up. "Ohmygod, my sides hurt!" he moaned, still laughing a little. I shook my head, and walked into the living room. I noticed a punch bag was sat in the corner. Skyrah came in, wooped, and strted to hit and kick it. Ara came in, smiling. He watched her for a moment, then he went to her, helping her to postion her body, nd she kicked the bag into the corner. "I think Im gonna like you, kid!" chuckled Ara. Skyrah beamed up at him, then gave him a quick hug.

Ara looked shocked. I laughed. I wasn't afriad of him, Jyll wasn't afraid, and Skyrah wasn't either. She let go of him, and gave him a glowing smile. He hesitated, then grinned back. Ara proped the punch bag back up, and stood back. Skyrah, using the stance Ara had shown her, kicked the bag, and it flew across the room, hitting the wall. Ara whistled. "If you can do that, I would not have liked being Aarn when you kicked him...." he muttered. Now it was my turned to fal into a heap laughing.

The End

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