Raven: What is that.

As I walked back into the house, Kate met me. We embraced and kissed with the passion of ten thousand suns. Then, we smelt the hyper before we heard it. Curious as to its whereabouts, we followed it, and saw a girl bouncing around Ara and Flamara.

"What is that!"

I screeched, fearful for my very life at the hands of a hyper child. Kate slapped me.

"You know, what if I wanted kids."

I turned to her, confused.

"We did have kids, three of them."

"Oh, yeah, but still! You shouldn't be mean to her."

"I'm not being mean, I am reacting to my instincts."

"Some crackerjack instincts."

I looked at her and rolled my eyes. She slapped me again. Then, she grabbed me by the wrist and lead me closer to the girl.

"Now coo!"

"Grr. Oh, aren't you such an adorable little girl."

At this Ara, Flamara, Nathen and all the others laughed. As they had been watching very closely.

The End

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