Love Is Stronger Than Words

As Ara started tryin to beat up Aarn, I began to cry.Ara stopped, and knelt by me. I flinched. "Ara, you can't do this! He's your best friend who didn't know that I am in love with you. Aarn's eyes filled with tears. Ara gripped my shoulders. "I want exactly what happened." he said firmly, looking into my eyes. I put my hands on his face, showing him how Aarn had sat with me, and began to kiss me unexpectedly.

"It's not your fault, but you didn't pull away."

"I was vunerable. That's why I was calling for you. To help me." I whispered. Ara placed his shrp horn on my forehead. "You're telling the truth. I can tell." He whispered. I began welling up with tears again. "Ara, I would never, never ever never ever, cheat on you. You know that." I whispered.

"Flamara, Love is stronger than words. How do I know that's true?" He whispered. I wrapped my arms round him, and brought him into a kiss that showed everything that he and I had been through. He caught a glimpse of Skyrah. "Who's this?" he asked in my mind. I ignored him for a moment, enjoying our closeness, then pulled away. "She's my adopted daughter, Skyrah. She, Sealantus and I were in the other story together." I told him. He smiled softly.

"Flamara? I love you, you know that right?" he asked, looking at me. I smiled and leaned my forehead against his. "Ara, Love is stronger than words." I said. Ara gave a tiny laugh.

"Ok, truce." he chuckled a little. He wrapped me tightly in his arm, pulling me close to him warm body. I inhaled his scent, smelling burning wood, a little blood, wild scents. He kissed me. It was better than Firehoney back home. He smiled. I pulled away a moment, hearing a far off scream, coming closer and closer ever minute. Ara took my hand, nd we went into the hall. The door banged open, and a girl fell flat on her face. The girl looked up, and screamed. She ran up to me, and I swung her round happily, crying. She was my adopted daughter, Skyrah. She had rich, dark blue eyes, black hair cut in a neat bob, pale skin, and she was wearing her black karate trousers, white top, and her black belt. "Flamara, I can't believe its you! Guys!!! I found her!!!" she screamed down her phone. A mixture of cheers came out. I took the phone, and whispered, "Hello?"

Several screams came. "Hi!!!!" shouted Amethyst, and her brother, Taliesin. I cried, and gave Skyrah the phone back. "Sealantus and I used to teach a load of special kids, who had special powers. Skyrah has all of the Elemental powers." I explained. Skyrah hung up the phone, and said excitedly, "I can also use telepathy now! And I'm a black belt!" She grinned at me, then gave Ara  wave. "Ara, this is my daughter, Skyrah, and Skyrah, this is my love, Ara. He's a..."

"Halfbreed! They re so awesome! I had one stay while you and Sealantus left. Sorry." She laughed. I picked her up. She was still as light as a feather. "How can you still do that? I haven't seen you in two whole years!" she exclaimed. Ara looked into Skyrah's eyes. SHe frowned, and stormed into the obsidian room, where Aarn was just staggering to stand up. She gave a fierce cry, and spun, kicking him in his sensitive parts. "You're lucky I don't use my powers! I'll crush you from the inside out!" she snarled. I sighed. Great. We had a mini female Ara.

The End

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