Unaware of a Mistake

I stroked Jyll's hair softly. I longed to call out to the others, but yJyl may awake, and harm them. The urge for company was so strong. I had never been alone. I had always been with my siblings, or just Sealantus, and then my adopted daughter back home, Skyrah. Without Jyl awake, Ara, Nathen or the others, I was alone and vunerable.

From the shadows, two figures stepped out. "Didn't think we'd leave you alone, did you?" giggled Lucy. I sighed in relief. She sat beside the sleeping Jyll. Aarn stayed back, a little red in the face. I looked at him. "Don't mind my brother. He's....a boy. Hehe." she went into a fit of giggles. Luy took Jyll in her arms, twirling a wisp of hair, stroking her cheek.

I stood, smiling. I walked round the room, heart beating fast. Something was going to happen, I could feel it. Aarn pulled me to one side. "I didn't thank you for turning me back into a human, and keeping Ara safe. He can be a bit strange sometimes. He's  good friend though." he smiled softly. Aarn slid to the floor, and I st beside him. A couple of the candles went out. I sighed. Aarn pulled me round to face him gently. He pulled me close, perhaps for a hug. He kissed me.

I opened my eyes wide, but did not fight. I screamed in my head to the others, then, BANG! The door had been unlocked, and the room trembled. Aarn still held me in his arms, but pulled away. Kate, Nathen and Raven stood in the doorway. Ara pushed past them, growling. "You ok, Ara?" asked Aarn, still holding me in his arms. I heard another growl, and Ivory stood by Nathen's side. As Ara would say, 'Here come the Cavelry!', and they truly had. Lucy had stood. She had know that I was in love with Ara, and vice verse, and she had spotted her brother's mistake.

The End

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