To arms

Everything was happening too fast. First Nathen had been mutilated, Jyll had turned into a shadow, and Ara and Raven were fighting shadows.

Hola thought it was happing again. That they were going to have another war against the shadows 2! And because of all the shadows, She was still locked away in the toilet wondering how she could help. Hola just wasn't the fighting person, especially when she didn't have a weapon of sorts.

She was sitting on the floor, back to the door when she saw something that gave her an idea. Behind the toilet there was a dagger. It had a dusty bronze handle and a blade that looked like it had just been sharpened. It was the perfect weapon, someone must have hidden it there previously for some reason.

Taking up the dagger, Hola unlocked the bathroom door and went to arms.

The End

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