Sweetheart, Awaken

Jahat fell to the floor, dead. I watched, half conscious, half not as Ara fought against hundreds of Shadows. I then saw Jyll. This brought strength to my heart. I stood, and set fire swirling roundd the room. Shadows screamed. I ran to Jyll, unconscious. Ara continued to fight around us. "Sweetheart, awaken. Please honey, wake up! You can fight this. You're the fire Princess! You have almost as much control over fire as I do!" I said soft. The Shadow in her stopped growing. Her clothing was bright against her black body, apart from her head and hair.

I began to chant a song, over an over, louder and louder. "Earth tremble, Wind blow, Fire burn and Water flow!" I chanted over and over. Droplets of water landed on Jyll''s skin. The earth trembled beneth us, and wind blew through the house. I let fire run along her limbs. I lifted her into my arms, and let fire envelope us. Ara flew over, wrapping his arms round me from behind. The fire swirled, protecting us. "Ara, if Jyll can be changed...then so can I. She is the Fire Princess, and I the queen. I will protect her and you with my life. She is like a daughter to me, as well as a best friend." I whispered to him. He kissed my cheek. We were transported to the Obsidian Room. I climbed into the coffin, which changed into a pure white soft bed. I covere Jyll with the covers, and sat by her. "I shall not leave her side." I sai softly. Ara knelt before me, kissing my hands. He hugged me, planted a small kiss on Jyll''s head, and left the room to talk to the others.  

The End

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