Can't Go Through Them? Go Over Them.

Ara had scarcely evaded another of Jyll's attacks when she collapsed. Momentarily, he thought she might be dead, that her resistance to the Shadow had killed her. He was about to try and wake her when he noticed the rise and fall of her thin chest.

She wasn't dead. Just unconscious.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Ara skirted around her and leapt back into the fray, soon coming back-to-back with Raven, who was felling Shadows like saplings under a woodsman's axe. Giving one Shadow a brutal kick in the face that sent it crashing down beneath him, Ara shouted over the fray to his friend:

"There's too many in here! There's no way to fight them all off, we've got to get around them. Can you fly? If we can get into the air then maybe we can get over them and deal with their head honcho before they overrun us completely. You up to it?"

Before even waiting for a reply, Ara unfurled his wings so hard it sent the two Shadows who had tried to sneak up on his flanks stagger backwards. Pushing off from the ground with all his strength, he took to the air and turned back to Raven, gusts of downdraught beating into the mass of Shadows beneath.

"Come on! We can't keep this up! Follow me!"

The End

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